Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Harry Potter

Saw HP at the Senator on Friday Night. (They had a teaser trailer for the new Superman film. I have to confess, I really liked hearing John William's now classic Superman overture. Wow. I'd forgotten!)

For HP, the following praise is in order:

- The screenwriter is a Grandmaster. All your screenplay are belong to him!!! He successfully turned Goblet of Fire into a filmable script.

- The costume design kicked ass.

- The score kicked ass. I enjoyed all the different types of music in the score. It never fell to the "flat" feet that many cinematic scores are cursed with. The score was often naturalistic in the way that the costuming and sets were naturalistic.

- Set design was also amazing. I loved the industrial touches in the Tri-Wizard tournament.

I've had a theory that goes like this: when something gets old enough, it becomes "magical." Example: steam engines were once high tech, but now they are so quaint that they show up in Harry Potter and become associated with magic. Several years ago, I told Jen, "30's is the next era of magic." When I saw the costuming for the ministers, they style of goggles on the quiddich players, and many other touches, they all reminded me of the 30's. Hah!!! Am I right or what?? Whoot! Whoot!


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