Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Dinner and Show

Last night, we did dinner and a show. I cooked dinner. The fish turned out well. The green tomatoes and apples turned out fabulous. (The sweetness of the tomatoes cancelled the bitterness of the apples.) I highly recommend that folks try this combo themsleves. Quite tasty!

We say "Company" down in Kensington. That was a good show. The technical merits of the show were amazing. The choral work was damned solid. Their voice director must have locked them in a room for a week. I did not hate this particular Sondheim show, which was amazing as I consider Sondheim the Antichrist of musicl writers. His tunes, again, wre onl the flat side. So much of this show is the texture of the characters, rather than the tunes themselves, which is why this worked.

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