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Lights. Lights? Lights!!!

I was in a lighting store the other day. Truly a scary place. $110 lamp shades. Who pays $110 dollars for a LAMP SHADE? I really can't believe that price. Do people really spend that much?

My printer goes to sleep and doesn't wake up correctly. If I turn the windows box on, it perks up. Grrr. This tech stuff is starting to bother me, and I do it for a living. Maybe I should have just bought an HP or a Cannon. Anyone want a $150 printer, slightly used? (Don't answer that.) Today's project was tweaking the print colors. They aren't quite right. Like dull.

The project to silence my PC keeps getting my attention. Getting a quieter 5400rpm drive should be easy. I also need to dig up a no-fan cpu cooler. Finally, I may need an ultra-quiet power supply. Yup. That should spend too much money. Maybe I should just buy a cheap but quiet PC?

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