Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sit down and shut up

There's an essay, reported by Andy Rooney (false), that talks about all the religous imagery on the Supreme Court, reports quotes from founding fathers, talks about how expressing Christianity is now suddenly wrong, and ends with "they should sit down and shut up."

First off, if you see this, do respond. Don't sit down. Don't shut up. Rock the boat.

Next, find the link to the debunking site.

It's not all bunk, but it does contain many inaccuracies and smears Andy Rooney's name.

Find as many counter-quotes as you can. The founding fathers had their suspicions of religion, and these were often deep and cutting.

Finally, keep this in mind:
- Ghandi sat down and shut up. So did much of India.
- Rosa Parks sat down and shut up.
- South Africa forced Nelson Mandela to sit down and shut up.

Do you REALLY want people to sit down and shut up?

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