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I continued on my cleanup quest. To go forward, I went backwards. I went out and bought a case for my unused motherboard. I then put odd parts into the case. That worked. Yay. AMD 1700+ is alive. I then cleaned up that mess.

From there, I culled my computer parts. Anyone want a bag of older computer parts? If not, they go to recycling. (There are case fans, connectors, case parts, and other odd bits.)

I am putting SuSe Linux on this box. I may try Ubuntu. A complicating factor is that the old computer only has a CD drive, and not a DVD drive. My remaining Linux media is all on DVD. Doh. As a workaround, I'm doing an internet install of SuSe. I left the thing running this morning. We increasingly have SuSe here at work, so some familiarity is good.

I am also considering Ubuntu (breezy badger).

Finally, I plopped more crud onto eBay. I sent out the Ice Age cards that I sold off. Slowly, this stuff is moving out of the house.

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