Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We did renfair. Phew. Done. No more renfair dangling over me.

We ran into a few people that we knew. I bumped into few others who no longer recognized me. Jen bought herself a coat for the winter at Half-Moon. We bought me a Scottish fencing doublet from Patomac Leather. (We would have bought the coat, which looked smashing on me, especially as I have the thin build to wear it evily, but it was far too expensive.) Obligatory pretzle was eaten. Bee Folks were patronized.

We were unaware that last day of fair was "wrong" day. Among the sights, many storm troopers, scout troopers and a TIE pilot; Rainbow Bright; a few Hogwarts students, with one doing a respectable Malfoy; Anti-Clause, who comes around and personallly rewards all the bad girls; and the usual assortments of tits-on-a-platter.

Somehow, I made very few friends during my years at renfair. I was not outgoing. Most of the folks that I knew were either in Three Left Feet, or used to be in Three Left Feet.

Saturday night was a home night. We played Careers, then put together a 500 piece Cracker Jack puzzle. Some of my recent music purchases were tried and proved fun. I give thumbs up to Michelle Shocked latest work. She did one album of Disney songs in the Texas Swing style. (The style's a guess.) The album is quite fun, "Got No String." Just pick up the "Triple Play" combined album. It's all good stuff.

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