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I did much good work in the office at home. I am doing my best to no "repeat mistakes." That means going through everything and trying to give it a good home. Slow work.

I bought a few foldiing files to put the "has to be accessible but slowly changes" stuff. That is working very well.

I hope, by the end of the weekend, to box or tuck the remaining clutter away.

The toughest problem is paper. I'm always writing snippets of something, and I have no idea where to tuck the paper. There's a mess. The solution for the future is a bound idea journal. That way, I can just shelve old ideas, quite literally.

At least one more trip to yonder Container Store.

Weekend Agenda:
Tonight: board game
Tomorrow: putter, while Jen heads off to a workshop
Sunday: Renfair (if it hasn't washed into the sea)

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