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More rearrangement

I bought more shelves yesterday and hung them over the new desk. I moved the wire rack to be next to the desk. I moved the stereo onto the wire rack. I reassembled the PC. I put the speakers on the new shelves. I rearranged my books a bit after I rearranged my wood shelves a bit.

All in all, I've shoved lots of stuff around. Now, I need to actually improve my poor paper storage.

I tried hooking my cassette deck back up. I finally had room. Unfortunately, the deck wound not turn. It just made electric motor noises. I have no clue why both sides of the deck would have the same problem. I may poke around this more later, or visit the second hand store, or something. Or nothing. I don't have any cassettes anymore.

I also moved my 5-cd changed up from the basement. It never got used down there, and if I want music, I have the DVD player.

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