Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Compare and Contrast

Top Albums this week

Billboard Amazon
1. Nickelback Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane [live]
2. Twista Rod Stewart
3. Sara Evans Neil Young*
4. Gretchen Wilson Fiona Apple
5. Sheryl Crow Melissa Ethridge**
6. Kanye West Sheryl Crow**
7. Fiona Apple* Stevie Wonder
8. Franz Ferdinand Bonnie Raitt
9. Black Eyed Peas* Franz Ferdinand**
10. Faith Hill Coldplay
11. Triana Martina McBride
12. Bon Jovi Green Day*
13. Kirk Franklin Depeche Mode
14. Melissa Ethridge Alicia Keys
15. Distrubed Rolling Stones
16. Three 6 Mafia Jackson Browne
17. Sean Paul Ricky Martin
18. Mariah Carey Nickelback**
19. Young Jeezy Bruce Springstein
20. Kelly Clarkson* Kanye West

* In top 40 on both charts. Nine agree.
** In top 20 on both charts. Four agree.

All in all, the Amazon chart is completely different than the Billboard chart. Mind you, I'm comparing oranges to grapefruit. One is an hourly sales chart, while the other is a weekly popularity chart. Still, I find this quite educating.

What got me doing this was this: I listened to the top 10 songs for the last three years. I never heard any of them before. That's right, I've not heard any of the top songs before. Does something seem out of place to you? Isn't it strange that 80% of all songs in the last three years are "urban", but actual sales of urban recordings are closer to 15-20% of listed sales? The Billboard online search and download charts agree closer to amazon. The Billboard internet sales chart agrees more with Amazon, too.

I hate modern payola.

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