Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Kittykatya has been moved. The traditional payment of pizza has been received. We had a good moving day, and many vehicles. Brian bought his full bed pickup. I had my wagon.

On Friday, having the evening free, we dropped into Bethesda for dinner. We wound up at Grapeseed, which is quite the nice restaurant. It was mostly empty, but all the tables were already booked. (Tells you something, eh? Well, it was also a Friday.) They sat us at the "chef's table", which was really a short bar that looked at the cooks. Jen was pleased. She declared it the best seat in the house. Later on, a few others joined us there. They actually reserved ta seat there. Apparently, folks love watching the cooks cook.

The food was sooo gooood. Yummy. We took the brownie dessert home for later consmption. I think it had so much cocolate in it that it kept us up iuntil one.

All in all, we dropped $95.

We also finished reading "Small Gods" aloud. I find Pratchett fun. He's definitely a good beach read. I can't say that I'm a fan yet. Maybe I just haven't read the right one.

The next read aloud book is, "The Evolution of Useful Things." It was a winner with the introduction, and the chapter on the knife, fork, and spoon was engaging. Good stuff, this!

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