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A friend of mine is angsting about her terrible friends. So, without further ado, what makes a friend for me:

- My friends don't talk bad about others behind their back. That is to say, they talk about them, but don't go tearing them down. It's honest talk, but not cruel. (Okay, sometimes it is cruel. Nobody is a saint.)

- My friends are good about holding coversations. Everyone gets a chance to talk.

- There is very little cliquishness. The only problems that I have with my friends right now is that they've often had 10+ years of history, and I've only known some of them for a year or two. I'm just not part of the history. That can be a tough nut to crack, but not if people are willing to accept new friends.

- My friends accept diversity. It may annoy them at times, and they don't always approve of all of it. Sometimes we just wonder at it. But for the most part, most everyone has a big resevoir of tolerance.

- My friends are mostly positive people. That is to say, you don't hear lots of negative shit coming out of their mouths. (There's always a little shit. Like I said, we aren't saints.)

- Rare drama.

- We have a fair idea of each other's strengths and faults.

- We all have a reasonably appropriate set of priorities. The important stuff is important and we make sure that it gets done.

- I can't think of anyone who is spoiled. (Almost)

- When you say "no" to more alcohol, they don't pressure you into drinking.

- You friends point out the good parts about your life, even when you can't see them.

- Your friends disagree with you whether you like it or not.

- Your friends let you blow steam when you're cranked up.

- Your friends forgive and forget the stupid shit that you say and do. (Well, not always. Sometimes they really like to remind me. They enjoy rubbing it in.)

I know there's more here, just a bit listed out, I think.

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