Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


One of the silly songs that we wrote last week is a filk, of sort.

(Sing to the tune of Istanbul (not Constantinople))

Go to Iscandar
We’ll take the Yamato
Go to Iscandar
We’ll take the Yamato
It’s a long way off
But in the Yamato
We’ve got nothing to fear
‘Cause it’s just one year

Do a warp -
A wave motion engine
Makes the trip real short
And I’d like to mention
If you go to war
A wave motion engine
Can become a wave motion gun

Go to Iscandar
It’s very very far
Why’d we go there anyway?
Gotta get the Cosmo DNA

Fight the Gamelons
In the Yamato
Stop the planet bombs
With the Yamato
Then we’ll all go home
In the Yamato
And we’ll be Matsumoto’s merry men
Until the Yamato flies again


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