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Zoo Voodoo

Well, I successfully missed anyone and everyoone else at the zoo today.

I went downtown via the metro. Before I did that, I had to get gas. This is the first time that I've ever been paranoid about getting gas. Damn sniper.

I hopped on the metro and pulled out Frankenstein. I looked forward to several uninterrupted chapters. Somehow, there's always something that interrupts me. What do you know, someone interrupted me. A woman was doing a survey for the Metro. They were putting up warning signs and needed responses. A few of the signs were well done. Those that were short and at eye level made lots of sense. The ones above eye level were unnoticable -- people tend to not look up. Made $20 for answering questions, and even got to learn about how real surveys work.

I waited about for my friends. Got more of Frankenstein read. I didn't see anyone by 11:05, so I walked up to the zoo and sat on a bench for a while. A half-hour later, I still didn't see anyone, so I said, "Let's see the zoo."

This was a good day for zooing. The skies were overcast, the weather was cool, and the animals were active. The pandas were out . The gorillas were out. The bears were out. Good stuff!

After a good while of walking about and taking eighty or so pictures, I settled down at the main gift shop and just vegged for a while. I saw Tom Holtz wander by with the UMD students, but I didn't catch his attention in time. He walked into the shop and I never did see him again.

For lunch, I wandered down to Woodly-Park/Zoo and grabbed a sandwhich. The girl watching was good. I do miss seeing 20-something girls about. In my neighborhood and job, you just tend to not see them. Quite a few were drool-worthy and fed my overly active imagination.

After lunch, I rode the Metro home. As luck would have it, the train went out of service one stop before White Flint. Dammit. 90% of the trains that I ride go out of service there. I think that only 50% of them go through. My luck with trains sucks. I really need to park at Grovesnor from now on.

For some reason, as I am getting de-stressed about work, I am getting more angsty. I really don't understand that. I don't know how to ditch angsty. I don't even know what I'm all angsty about. At least the zoo voodoo was good to me.

Now I need to do some studying for my test on Tuesday. Time to retype notes.

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