Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

No Sept 11

I didn't make a September 11 post. Like the Onion says, "God Outdoes Terrorists." My mind's been elsewhere.

We did TFOS on Friday night. Also on Friday night, the charge light in my car came on. Getting home got kinda scarry, as my dials were flickering all-over the place as I drove up 270. The car got me home, though. It's now at the garage. I think it's the alternator.

On Saturday, I ran the DnD game. This is the only game we've had that was interrupted by a parade. Some sort of Carribean carnival parade made it's way down Eutaw street. Some of the costumes were huge, if not beautiful. I wish I had pictures. Some groups had flatbed trucks with huge stacks of speakers on them, along with the generator the run them.

On Sunday, we bopped up to my sister's house for the September birthday party get-together.

My goal this week is to finish off my last two unopened movies. I have The King and I and Little Shop of Horrors just waiting to get watched. After that, I have a string of books that look interesting. I'm in Gene Wolfe's "The Wizard." Glen Cook has a new book out. Stephen Donaldson has a new Covenant book out. (That's one for the library.) Harry Potter, of course. Finally, there's a new Niven that actually looks interesting. (Again, one for the library.)

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