Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I've gotten a few chapters into the O'Reiley book "Practical Programming in C++". I pulled out XCode for the Mac and it compiled. I went to the command line, and got that to compile and run. Slow but good progress.

Jen will have one whopping grad class this semester. I'll be using that as my inducement to treat my C++ education as a class. I'm already calling it "homework" in my head.

I got to see what the NIH was doing about New Orleans. Part of what they are doing is accepting people who fit a protocol or have interupted protocols. (A protocol is a treatment regime.) The other half is coordinating Public Health Officers and other volunteers, getting them onto transport, accomidations, etc, an sending them south. They kept me busy for half the day yesterday.

Finally, I am thinking about my 30's fantasy story again. The origins of the story is this idea: any time long-enough ago is fantasy. The 30's are about due. Our hero is an Ivy League ex-wizard in a country rule by The Party, who are anti-wizard. He's trying to keep his nose out of trouble when a gangster takes a liking to him and says, "I've got this sister..." I know that there will be speakeasies, smuggling of magical things from the war-torn Old World, Gangland Boss Wizards, and so forth. The whole thing, if ever written, would turn out fairly earthy.

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