Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Phone Blues

Some time ago, I reported how converting my phone to my mother-in-law´s family plan would be too easy. Guess what? I talked to Judy, and things did not go as smooth as they seemed.

- I can´t keep the phone, because it´s on AT&T, and the new account is Cingular.
- I have to convert the account and get a new phone before I can merge accounts.
- I can´t keep the phone number, as the new plan requires all phones be on the same area code.


I popped over to the local Cingular store, where the sales folks tend to know what´s what. (You see, their commission depends on them getting accounts right. Incentive is a great teacher.) They pretty much confirmed what my Judy told me.

I´ll freecylcle the phone. (If anyone is on AT&T and wants a free basic phone, speak up. It´s yours.)

Meanwhile, I´ve started playing Okage: Shadow King. The game has such twisted dialogue that even Jen thought it hilarious. She´s dubbed the genre "mock twee."

I´m at work today. The NIH is sending people south, and we have people coordinating the effort. I could criticize the NIH on the speed of their response, but we aren´t a response facility. We´re a research hospital. We have many people trained for response, but the insitutition is actually set up for oversight. The rules that keep our research standards high are the same ones that make response difficult. (Google NIH and Katrina for more information.)

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