Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Results of oil shortages

Yesterday, I talked about "Peak Oil." Today, I speculate as to what it means.

Speculation Fun

There will be the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here's some rampant speculation.

ENERGY will become a boom industry.
Solar schemes will proliferate. EVERYTHING will get a solar panel.
Solar prices will come down dramatically.
Installation and maintennance of solar will become boom job fields.
"Energy Independence" on the family scale will be a buzzword.
Solar-powered THINGIES will proliferate.
Gas prices will rise.
Energy speculation will run rampant.
Energy corruption will proliferate.
Energy stress.
Gas theft. Many broken windows on vehicles to open gas tanks.
Smaller vehicles get popular.
More scooters and motorcycles.
Fuel rationing.
Mandatory thermostat settings.
More and frequent brownouts.
Rising price of plastic.
More recycling of plastic.
Change of materials. Plastic is not always the cheapest material.
More oil wells offshore and in the arctic.
More ways of drawing power from harder sources, along with the pollution that brings.
More power-recovery technology.
More power-storage technology, especially for the "energy independent" home.
More omni-fuel vehicles
More one car households
Abandonment, rebuilding, or sectioning of McMansions. For many families, these will simply grow too expensive to maintain.
More bankruptcy, esp. those living above their means.
Recession, possibly depression
Further push towards computer efficiency.
Portable devices of all types flourish even more.
More trips to the grocery, as refridgeration grows more unreliable
Political change. Unpredictable. "Power smart" will be a campaign necessity.
Power crimes.
The poor get poorer.
The rich get richer.
Power companies buy startup power ventures.
Low-power technologies get tried everywhere. Rapid change.
Metro systems become stress, both by ridership and rising fuel costs.
Fewer people on the road means faster speeds and more speed-related accidents.
Resentment among the masses.
Resentment between haves and have-nots
Currency fluctuation
Wars and rhetoric over available power
Travel industry rocked, with many bankruptcies and bailouts
American car industry rocked and in dire straights
Decline in movie attendence
Rise in Netflicks and home entertainment.
Installation of "passive" or "low power" cooling systems becomes a cottage industry.
Bio-engineering becomes more prevalent
Anti-bioengineering terrorism
Energy terrorism
Billions towards energy research
Billions wasted on energy research
Every breakthrough becomes "the big thing that will save us"
Accomodation, people will get used to the new status quo
Portable communication becomes even more prevalent. Cell-phones, to solar-relays, to satellite.
The "low power" house become the big selling point.
Land values boom in city centers, and near mass-transit hubs
Crime rises in city centers and near mass-transit hubs
Change balance of "throw out or fix"
Energy patents and patent battles
Roof-renting and profit sharing from solar panels
Land battles for wind turbines
Surge in low-energy aviation
Fuel shortages lead to food shortages
Rise in cost of fruits and vegetables
Constant inflation pressure
Tension between urban and rural rise
Worse pollution as less-clean fuels are used
Less pollution as less fuel is used
Less restauranting from a money constrained public, leading to hard times for the restaurant industry.
Increased demand for cheap fast food
Pressure to regionalize food industry
Emergency powers given to executive branch
Increase in alchohol and drug use from stressed population
More nuclear power, despite its perils
Renewable energy is good, but any energy is better
Increasing diversity of energy sources


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