Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cell phone painless???

My mother-in-law has a family plan for wireless phones. I'm getting in on it. It turns out, I'm on Cingular (through AT&T), and her plan is Cingular. All that has to happen is for her to take over my account, then merge accounts. If everything goes well, I keep my phone number, pay less per month, and get to keep my phone number, all for no surcharge. Is that weird or what?

That's the theory. I'll let folks know what really happens in this story.

Keeping my phone number is a no brainer. I also want to keep the phone. It's not fancy, but I know it well enough. Plus, it's different than Jen's phone, so we won't get them mixed up.

Has anyone played with phones recently? They prove that our kids are brilliant. Who can use these things?

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