Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Those Speakers

Those speakers I bought the other week rock. Whenever I go fromt he basement to the upstairs, I am amazed by the difference between the two speaker systems. The Sony surround sound system sounds all dull compared to the Bose speakers. The same amplifier is driving both, so the difference is only in the wires and the speakers. I really don't know how I can avoid buying better speakers for the basement. Damn this horrid audophile slope. (But it is nice... oh so very nice.)

Looks like I get to do more buying.

Likewise, to get the computer to NOT sound like a jet engine, I'll have to do more buying. I'd like to actually hear my stereo system when the PC is on. I figure that I need one of those weird no-fan heat sinks and a quieter hard drive.

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