Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Our trip to New York was a success. We rolled out of bed and buzzed up 95. We were in Ridgewood by 1pm.

The play that we saw was, "My Life as a Fairy Tale." It was part of Lincoln Center's summer arts festival, but not actually at Lincoln Center. The play itself was the life of Hans Christian Anderson, as told through his fairy tales and told by autobiographical speech. The whole thing can be called experimental and non-linear. Knowing the stories and about HCA's life before going in would have helped us greatly.

Music was by Stephin Merritt. He chose an odd set of instruments, which he claims "could have been" used during HCS's time, however unlikely that would have been. I really should reprint the quote here.

- The "mermaid" singing the Matchstick Girl song, upside-down, on a giant fish hook.
- The Ugly Duckling song was a fun, singable tune. I wish that I had the lyrics and music.
- Light. Oh, the lighting designer did wonderful things with the set designers. The use of light, excuse me, was brilliant. And sparkly shiny, too.
- The cast was five women, of various sizes and shapes. Great voices. The lead was in her 50's, if I guess right.
- Great reuse of props.

In many ways, there's more to say about the show, but in many ways, there's very little to say about it. It was what it was. Perhaps if I had a more literary vocabulary, I could talk about it. "The subliminality of the light, combined with the asynchronicity of the non-linear narrative, combined to produced a wave-particle description." Something like that, except more meaningless.

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