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Columbus Day

I like Columbus Day. The Federal Government gets off. *sigh of relief* I really needed a day off. Heck, I could go for more.

I spent part of the day playinig Arcanum. I found a copy for $20. I'm not wild over the game. Fortunately, it's a bit more Fallout than Baldur's Gate (shiver). I've died alot. Repeatedly and often at times. It's at times like this where I miss the wakyness of Might and Magic or the simplicity of console RPG's.

Today, I also wrote my first school paper in 14 years. Whoah. It's been a long time since I wrote an essay. It wasn't nearly so tough this time as it used to be. It's amazing how writing user manuals will screw up your sense of scale. It's been ... seven years since I wrote my last one, but that don't matter. Two years of writing is still two years of writing. I'd still like to revise it once more, but I still waited a bit long to complete it. I could use another day of clarity. My main fear is that I went off into la-la land while writing the paper, while forgetting what exactly the assignment is about. I've done that before.

I think I'm all stressed because I've been relaxing. When I get stressed enough, I go a bit numb. I am now realizing that I am wound up.

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