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Freudian Slips

At the French film festival yesterday:

There was some discussion about what kind of women that I like on film. I must protest that it isn't ALL of them, no matter how much a coo and make lewd comments on the leading chests... errr... ladies.

Film makers tend to hire attractive women as their lead players. This is no surprise. Professional makeup artists and costume designers help them to look their best and most appealing. Cinematographers do their best to make them look good on camera. So is it a surprise that I find all the attractive women, who are made to be very attractive indeed, so attractive?

Of course, I do have standards, and some women are right out:
- No foaming at the mouth
- No dwarves with weird hairdoos
- No overly powdered, generic 18th c. French whores with those little dots on their faces
- No early 80's blond supermodels

Now excuse me as I go looking for pics of Marion Cotillard. Wow. Very tasty morsel her.

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