Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Things went well this weekend.

On Friday, we went out to see Batman. That was a good, solid film. The director kept the film interesting, even in the training sequences and getting-gear sequences. Batman actually acted like a detective. The film moved and never bothered to explain anything or even give you a sense of wonderment. This pacing made you pay attention, and thereby caught you in the story. Well done.

On Saturday, we hung out at JASFA. Rather than watch anime, we watched the new Dr. Who. That was fun! The BBC did a very good job on the show. We were both thoroughly entertained. In addition, we took dumpling fixins to meeting, and we steamed up dumplings for everyone.

On Sunday, Jen went up to New Jersey to her bro's going away party. He's off to Singapore soon. I ran the next D&D game. They players had a good time. When the players spend 1/2 hour arguing about their motivations in character, and what they should do, I consider the game a success.

As it stands, there's a valley controlled by hobgoblins. The hobgoblin in charge can barely defend this valley, but he's the only guy keeping evil sorceres from rolling over the valley and killing everyone. Meanwhile, they've met the legitimate ruler of the valley, and he's an ethnic-cleansing bastard. Sound fun? It gets more complicated than this.

There's a theme to my little campaign: what do you believe? The first thing that I wrote about every faction in the game is what they believed. What they believe shows me what they will do. In the middle of this, the players must wrestle with what THEY believe. (I am a firm believe that you need problems in a game that can not be solved by rolling the dice.)

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