Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Slung in the past

The new buzz: a flag ammendment to the constitution.

Is it me, or are the Republicans still trying to stop the 60's???

Let me ask you this: how prevalent has flag burning been in the US recently? Have you ever seen a flag "desecrated"? If a chinese person burns a flag, so that he can send the flag to his dead, ex-marine father in the afterlife, is that desecration? If you blow up a building in a terrorist act, does the blowing up of the flag along with the building count as flag desecration in addition to terrorism? If I paint a flag on my car, then drive in a demolition derby, am I desecrating the flag? What about the other drivers in the derby? Do the desecrate the flag if they slam into my car? Is a flag with twelve stripes a flag or not a flag? Are ex-american flags still flags? Which flags are covered, and which aren't? If I have a flag printed in a book, and recycle it, is that desecration? If I take a picture of a flag, and burn the picture, is that desecration? If I take a picture of a flag, the delete the picture from my camera, is that desecration? If I take a picture of a flag and photoshop in flames, is that desecration? What actually constitutes a flag? Is a flag only made from cloth, or does paper count? What about macrame? What about paint? What's the difference between the image of a flag and a flag itself? Must a flag actually have been flown to be a flag, or merely manufactured?

I think that any law is bound to be found unconstitutionally vague. This is a mess!!!

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