Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Living in a small house

One of the choices that Jen and I have made is to keep living in a smaller house. How, we don't know yet, but given enough time, we'll make it happen.

Here are some little innovations that have worked for us:

- I put a bin under the bed. That's where my books and such go. This has halved the clutter on my side of the bed. I pull it out when I want it, then slide it back when I am done. Very simple and effective.

- Folding dining room table. This little Ikea guy we bought rocks. When people come over, we clear out the living room, open it up, and we have a dinner party. Everyone wins.


There is far more NOT working than is working. This is one of our current conumdrums. I'm reassessing everything based on the idea that "space is really, really, really valuable." The more it sinks in, the more willing I am to dump half my book collection. I always miss a few books that I discard, but I don't miss more than that.

The current topic is the kitchen. That needs the biggest revamp.

For my office, I'm looking at the Walker Desk from Crate and Barrel. It's smaller than my current desk, and has the most solid slide-drawer that I've ever touched. Most importantly, the keyboard area is huge, and doesn't force you to mouse in a small area. The whole things slides back, giving your better access to the desktop. Lotsa goodness for a small space.

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