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Server Moved

I picked up a small, 5 port, SMC switch for the basement. The server got moved downstairs. It's been acting stable lately, so I decided to move it. I never did figure out what was causing it to go wacko. I wound up reinstalling 4.6.2 and whatever it was stopped.

I had hoped that moving one computer would reduce the noise level of the computers upstairs, but I was wrong. The Windows box is still noisy. Grrr. I now hate noisy computer more than ever.

I have also admitted to myself that I won't be switching to KDE as my alternative to Windows. My Mac won me over. Also, Unix is just so cumbersome for everything. I can figure this stuff out, but every step is like slogging through mud. Instead, I have this Mac that works. It's not a game machine, but that's way my PS2 and Windows boxes are for.

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