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I got a 96/100 on my test. Not too shabby. I was aiming at a 100%, so I'm a little disappointed in myself. Most of the troublesome questions had to do with brain anatomy and neurotransmitters.

Class was very fun today. We hit learning. After all these so-so classes, we finally hit the intersting stuff. This is what's called positive reinforcement. Whohoo. Next week, I have a short paper due on learning. 3-5 pages should be a cakewalk, if I can get my brain in gear. That reminds me: must hit National Library of Medicine for references. Heheheh. It's across campus. This won't be hard at all.

Replies for the personal ad over the weekend: 0. Washington chicks suck (but not on me).

Dinner tonight was at the Lebenese Taverna. I picked up the Mediteranean platter. Tasty, but a tad overpriced for what it was.

Enjoyed Buffy again tonight. I really enjoyed the character interaction. The show did not start by having another potential slayer dying by the hands of a cult. (That's my theory about those slayings. That punk rock girl was DEFINITELY a slayer could-be. With Eliza Dushku being rumored to make an appearance, it makes me wonder if Dawnie will be getting more kick ass on the show. However, this season, I have foresworn spoilers. The Buffy boards really made me hate whiney, petulant, and generally unhappy Buffy fans who hate everything. This is all just educated guesswork.)

I found a goth chick picture group here on LJ. *droool*

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