Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Front lawn mowed. Checked. This year, I didn't wait too long for the first mowing, so it wasn't the HELL OF THICK GRASS. I have a pushreel, so thick grass is a bad problem.

I dug up some tall grass from my neighbor's yard. I try this every year, but always succeed in planting just when a drought hits, even in April/May. Well, this time I'm starting earlier and hoping that it survives. I got a much bigger clump this year.

Right now, I'm grinding my brain cells over bits of the ceremony. This is significant stuff. Remind me to post the ceremony after it's over. Jen is big on theme. I'm a stickler about empty content. Together, we hope we get a beautifully solid ceremony with strong wording.

"Warning: this marriage ceremony contains actual content."

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