Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Jen arrived home last night, safe and sound. She was bounced by one flight and only through quick wittedness, got herself on another flight. Most other passengers of said flight were not so lucky.

I wrote a bit more. I am currently adapting the TFOS rules into a pulp-adventure system. R. Talsorian was a fucking genius when he wrote the game. As I rewrite the rules, I grow increasingly impressed at how well he sorted simple useful mechanics from the rules-wanking.

Meanwhile, in the Lost Archipeligo, our heroes were attacked by cannibals. Hunter rescued his friends before they were eaten, killed many savages, and discovered an indian squaw, who was another survivor from the ship.

I have grown quite fast at cursive writing storyline. Typing now slows me down!!! I can churn through three pages an hour, which translates into 1.5-2 pages of full typed page.

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