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- I have never seen the Pacific Ocean
- I never tried pot
- I've never had a friend travel more than 30 miles to see me.
- I've never been to a prom (mine or someone else's)
- I've never worn a tux
- I've never been in a wedding
- I've never been married
- I've sired no children (this is a good responsible thing)
- I've never been in a rock band.
- I've never driven over 100 mph
- I've never been on a one night stand
- I've never been to a strip bar
- I've never been to the Birchmere
- I've never kisses an oriental girl
- Iver never been to the Statue of Liberty
- I've never been sailing
- I've never been on a cruise
- I've never slept in a bed and breakfast
- I've never driven across the US
- I've never climbed a mountain (not even an Appalachian one)
- I've never had a pet (beside a hermit crab)
- I've never had a friend sucessfully play matchmaker with me
- I have never given a solo performance
- I have not learned to sing
- I haven't bedded a goth chick
- I haven't become independently wealthy (I can dream!!!)
- I've never been south of the equator
- I haven't had a relationship that lasted more than 3 months.
- I've never quite spilled my guts this way before. This is a first.

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