Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


They're moving patients on the same day as Xpioti's wedding. Crud. Well, I signed up for the afternoon shift (3:00-11:30pm). That means I'll have to cut out of the reception early.

I don't do many weddings, but when they show up, things get inexplicable. When my friend Robert got married, I had two invitations to his wedding by two different routes, but the only other wedding that year happend on the same day at the same time. Go figure.

Weekend agenda:

Friday: date night
Saturday: family (afternoon)
- vigil at Jen's church (evening)
Sunday: Easter (morning)
- ? (afternoon)

I'm not sure what's for Sunday afternoon yet. Maybe we'll go to lunch in Georgetown. Maybe we'll get adopted and invited to dinner.

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