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How to buy a PC

Today, I taught a class on How to Buy a PC. It was fun, but oh, it was draining. I never really realize how much energy I put out when I am in front of others. I turn on the charm, dash out the comments, then soon enough, I am ennervated. I spent the remaining afternoon doing all the most brain-dead tasks that I could fine. Heck, I am surprised that I have "it" to write this note.

I discovered things as I went about teaching my class. I went to a popular direct seller website. They sold very competatively priced PC's. You could even customize them. However, if you did, you were in for a bit of a surprise. They populated the fields differently than the advertisement showed. In most cases, they were selling you more expensive things. Mind you, I think that they sold you a better system in some cases, but they also sold you more junk. I found it kinda evil. After you were done configuring your system, they tried to sell you even more stuff after that. For crying out loud, I'm spending $1k dollars, do you think I'm tempted by spending another $5-600??? Based on their success, I must assume so.

This Sunday's D&D game is going into the bit-bucket. Our DM's father is coming in to visit from Alaska. I am sure that something must be going on somewhere. Maybe I can find some musicians playing in an Irish bar somewhere.

The trailer for Spirited Away is out. Don't bother with the trailer. It has nothing to do with the film. DO bother with the film. It is FABOULOUS. I've seen it in Japanese. Think: there is great force in gentleness. If you start with that idea, then the film will make far more sense.

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