Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The weekend went fine.

On Friday, we didn't have critical mass for the TFOS game, so we wound up channel surfing, watching a few cartoons, and generally slouching about.

On Saturday, did the "Life's a Drag" film festival. I finally saw "Connie and Carla," about a couple of women who disguise themselves as drag queens to escape some mobsters. A fun fluff film. I did have a brief migraine, which was no fun. I blame that on something that I ate, but I'm just not sure.

On Sunday, I went to church, which happens at least bi-quarterly, excluding summers and autumns. I haven't been to Jen's church since before we were engaged.

I also wrote two chapters with an idea that I got over the weekend. The words, "the Lost Archipeligo" jumped into my head, then I ran with it. I read the first few chapters to Jen. She said that it sounded like some Flash Gordon CD's that she recently rented from the library. Score!!! That's EXACTLY the genre.

In short, an American revolutionary is wrecked in a lost archipeligo, meets Romans ruled by an usurper Ceasar, and works with the true heir apparent to free the land of the evil tyrant.

Notes to self:
- Include pit fight against animals
- Trial by combat
- Exploding volcanoes
- Cannabalistic natives
- Pirates
- Lost Treasure
- Mysterious dark god "Black Jupiter"
- Evil Priest
- Two love interests

Any cliche's I'm missing? Gotta have 'em all.

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