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Work Table

Rather than spend my money wisely, I picked up a drafting/art table and a tall chair for the living room. The first part of my evil plan to make my living room a work room. Ha ha haaaa. More pieces to go. I still need a comfy chair for reading, and a second one for guests to sit in.

Projects in motion:
- Turn the living room into a workshop
- Rebuild the upstairs amplifier
- Acquire enough CD storage space for living room
- Create a goth hula-chick
- Replace the front right gutters
- Rebuild the BSD box. It's acting way funny. (This includes buying a different motherboard that the piece of crap that I am currently using.)
- Move the BSD box to the basement and extend the network down there
- Get the car to emissions testing
- Hang pictures
- Continue decorating the bedroom
- Get a real bed frame for the bed.
- Continue typing in the bad novel
- Consider repainting the bathroom
- Rip up the kitchen floor, which I put in but never really liked, and put down something nicer.
- Replace the fridge
- Rethink the furniture in the computer room.
- Dispose of comic book collection
- Wire up phone in the basement.
- Build Slackware box
- Build Solaris 8 box
- Stuff I've forgotten about

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