Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Waltzing Lessons

Monday night was a visit to our minister.

Last night, we had our first waltzing lesson. One of Jen's friends teaches dance on the side. I am quite the good dancer, but I still learned a great deal. I've not worked with box waltz much in years. I far prefer French or Viennese style. I love spinning and could spin forever. But, this is not so practical when the Mrs. is in a completely impractical dress.

I really miss dance lessons. I don't mean "public" dance lessons, but school club style dance lessons. I learned to round dance (a type of called ballroom) for three years with the same group. There's a very comfortable dynamic going on. You dance with everone, but you learn to dance well with everyone. In contrast, in public dance lessons, you learn to muddle through with everyone as no group stays together quite long enough.

The current burning task is plane tickets. This is becoming a complicated puzzle and my brain hurts.

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