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Moving Stuff About

Moved the bedroom back into the bedroom. This time, I left the books in the living room. I have enough to store in the bedroom without the books being there, too. I also like the simplicity. With fewer things in my bedroom, it has become a much simpler room, and I appreciate that.

I moved the lamp to the door side of the bed. This lets me turn on the light without climbing over the bed.

The chest is now near the bed. This gives me a low table to put all my other crap on.

The quilts are still on the adjustable hanger bar. I don't hang clothes on it. It's the only thing that I have to drape my good featherbed over.

With this configuration, I can always get to one of the walls and repaint if I wish. I am tempted to add a layer of darker yellow.

The gray blanket on my bed works very well with the room. So does the denim on my favorite quilt. This makes me consider gray curtains. Hmmm. I'm still not sure what I should do about curtains. I still need to hang pictures, and dammit, I lost another girlfriend before I could get her to help. I do appreciate help when hanging pictures.

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