Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Talking about Healthcare

I can now reach the mailbox. The secret service is no longer protecting it.

Yes, it was a President day here today. The topic was "Conversation on Health Care with President Bush." Govenor Erlich also showed up.

Of course, us peons weren't allowed near there.

As an MC of the ceremony, he actually did an acceptible job. (Videocast is a wonderful technology). As a speechgive, he's still full of it. The rheterick is thick and meaningless. This means he'd be a great talking head on a Sunday morning political panel show or even a game show host. Or maybe he can take over after Leno leaves. :)

This whole thing was quite the production. The secret service had black curtains over all the windows. There were large light arrays in the auditiorium, and quit a large amount of equipment stacked into the auditorium. Outside, there were two busses blocking the entrance. There were security everyone, including security doggies in blue security vests. There were even guys with wires in their ears.

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