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Sometimes I wonder about my LJ Client. I could swear that I press the Submit button, but days later, when I open it up, there's my latest entry, unjournaled. *gruble*

Friday: Great greek food at the Greek Taverna in Rockville. Go there, and bring your wallet. Great if you want to impress the boss. Did shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for the registry. Watched Elvis in "Girls Girls Girls."

Saturday: It snowed. 'Nuff said. Set up BB&B registry. Watched Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas"

Sunday: DnD day.

Got a few things checked off the to-do list.
- Repainted a vent (been on the to-do list for four years)
- Bought shelves, molding, and furnace filter for the basement.
- Kept the dishes washed

Darn it, I forgot to buy insulation for the water heater.

On today's list is:
- More shopping at BB&B for the registry
- Shovel the sidewalk
- Change the air filter in the furnace

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