December 25th, 2016

Macbeth the Usurper

Christmas So Far

For Christmas, it's been the last minute stuff over recent days, which means wading through both traffic and busy stories. Fortunately, not too many, but enough to put me into a foul mood. I picked up some nice pork sausages from the farmer's market, which will be good, but I was really hoping for beef.

I made a fantastic congee for lunch.

The Christmas Eve pageant went off quite well. Jenny sang the prelude to the service. I had to travel far in Georgetown to find a parking place because the shoppers hadn't gone home quite yet. An hour later, and parking would have been simple.

During the day, I worked on refining the pigment for my paint. I concluded that even after double sifting, it had too many large particles, to I rediluted the pile, shaking it in an old instant coffee jar. After letting the big particles settle (a minute or two), I poured off the cloudy water into a bucket. I then added more water, shook, and poured off again, for a total of seven or eight times. I dumped the heavy stuff, which was about half my original content. What remained was extremely fine silt particles, which is exactly what I wanted.

I don't know if Santa cleaned up his workshop, but I cleaned up mine. I also mounted a few bars and some screws to hang up some tools, which I should have done ages ago. My clamps now have a home.

I cleaned up the house some as Jenny wrapped presents, but I didn't work too hard. Still, the floors got swept and the table de-cluttered. There should now be room for Christmas. The bathrooms, they still need to get done.