November 7th, 2016

Macbeth the Usurper


Aside from releasing a novel, I found myself a cooking fool. First, pancakes for breakfast. Good stuff, that. Next, an apple pie for my honey (and my editor). We ate it warm. Next, a new loaf of cinnamon swirl bread. Finally, on Sunday, I made a double-sized coffee cake for coffee hour at church.

On Saturday night, we went to the astronomy get-together at Rock Creek Park. The girls barely bothered looking at the planets. The lines for the telescopes grew quickly, but wow-oh-wow, is it every cool seeing the mountains on the moon.
Macbeth the Usurper

Bad Religious Jokes

I desperate want to create a Lego Mecca Set, complete with asterisks.

* Lego Mohammad not included.

You could really do that for any toy (within good taste).

Is that blasphemous? I hope not. You're not supposed to ever depict the Prophet, so the joke should be in-bounds.