May 2nd, 2016

Macbeth the Usurper


We had a rainy weekend for a rainy week, leading into more rain. So no, I didn't mow the lawn.

My daughter DesignGirl went to sleep over a friend's house, so my wife and I had our wedding anniversary on Saturday night. We went to Mannequen Pis, the nearby Belgian place. For an appetizer, we had their wild boar sausage on sauerkraut (FUCK A TRUCK! That shit rules!) and then the Amish chicken for dinner (which was merely extremely good). I'd love this Belgian place even more if most of the cuisine didn't contain milk or cheese. (Damn Western cuisine.)

My wife and I had fun making stuff up. The conversation turned towards film-noir wedding planning. "Weddings, they're a dirty business." That also got me thinking about mafia weddings, both being the wedding planner for the mafia, and being a wedding planner while the mafia holds the wedding business. ("You should see the margins!"). I don't know if I'll ever write that out, but the scenarios for it looked gut-bustingly fun.

Then lame us finally watched the Dr. Who Christmas special for this year. So yay, we're finally caught up on that series.

On Sunday morning, we tried a different place for dim sum. I wasn't thrilled with Hollywood East. The dim sum was adequate, and they had quite the variety of dumplings, but I prefer other places more, which may not have more dumplings but do have a larger variety. Also, I didn't see anyone Chinese eating there.

I worked on the cover for Swan Song. I posted it up to Kboards and took in the criticism/advice. I'll sit on that for a few days, then post the final cover soon.

I'm getting ready for the anniversary picnic. We'll be having sandwiches with artisinal bread (with me being the artisan). I've also made a mini pineapple sheet cake, which makes it sort of a pineapple sheet pie, or maybe a crusty tart. Who knows? I'll also need a little bit of fruit. If the thunderstorms hold off, we'll be set.