July 6th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper

Presumption on My Part

I've been reading the Left Hand of Darkness, noting its similarity to Gene Wolfe style, leaving me wondering: what writers are the "heirs" of this writing style that both these writers employ? For they do share a style, an ethic, a complexity that I don't see among other writers.

I looked at writers who are "like" Wolfe and LeGuin, and I don't believe those lists in the least. These writers fail, and some miss the mark so far as to be nonsense suggestions. I'm not calling those folks bad writers or anything like that, but they don't share the stylistic hallmarks of those two literary writers.

And so in presumtion, I ask myself, who is the heir? Are there any writers out there who can rise to that level of storytelling? And if not, then why not me? WHY NOT ME?

Aside from the fact that I don't write at that level yet, if I don't aim to write at that level, then I won't get there. But I have this hubris that I can get there, that I can raise my writing to that standard even if I don't know how I'll reach that standard. I'm damned well not sacrificing sales to do it, as I don't have sales. But how to get there? I have no clue. Yet there must be a path to get there for there are two writers who did, and there is nothing that they have that I don't, except skills that they've developed over their careers. That makes this hubris of mine an achievable ambition.