April 27th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Wrap

The major task of this weekend was busting sod. If you've done it, you know how unrewarding it is. It's just work. I really don't know how many square yards I'm doing, but it's way more than the three sisters bed from last year.

Jenny hit the local plant sales, buying indiginous plants. We got seven inkberries for free because they were pretty much dead. We also picked up some indian grass and some flowers. Those all got planted post haste.

In sad news, a church's friend's son killed himself, and so there was much sadness around church, as well as much support. I did not know J. very well, but I had chatted with him a few times. He was no stranger.

I received my Castle Hangnail on Saturday. I can't wait to finish Watership Down so that I can read it. (Honestly, I can't wait to finish Watership Down. There's still more book to go. I will finish it because I'm that way.)