March 27th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper


Cleanreader. What do I think of it? I'm sure that this wasn't on your list of questions.

If there's MONEY in this, then I'm for it. If there's a market for prettied up books that don't offend, and I get a cut of it, then by God, I am for it.

If there's no money in this, then I don't care.

If there's money in this and I'm not getting a cut, then I very much care that I'm not getting a cut.

I don't care about art at all. I don't care about intent. As far as I'm concerned, whatever way that a READER wants to read a book is the right way, my intents be damned.

So go ahead, pretty up my fantasy books filled with strange pagan gods, magic, and a few foul words. Somehow, I don't think that an evangelical Christian will get the sanitized book that they were expecting. Most other Christians won't care and will have a fun time reading because they know the difference between fantasy religion and real life.