March 24th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper

Digging Up the Tall Grass

The time has come for the tall grass to begone from the back yard. That means digging out big clumps of grass. I did one clump over the weekend and one yesterday, which went better than the one over the weekend. Even so, each one is going to be a haul. I don't see doing more than one or two per day.

The process itself is simple. You dig around the edge of the clump, loosening it up repeatedly by using your shovel as a lever. Eventually you work it out. The hazards are roots and rocks. The roots prevent you from digging and fight you while leveraging. The rocks just fight you.

When all the grass gets remove, the apple trees will get more good stuff for growing (assuming that they survived the winter).

I'm going to leave the root clumps to dry out. I'll clean them up in the autumn because they will be totally inaccessible by early summer as the plants in that area run riot.

I pruned my way through the other side of the yard, clearing out small bushes and stray trees. At this point, I am almost caught up to where I want to be in terms of routine maintennance. I still have many roots to dig out, but the understory is no longer quite so crazy.