March 10th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper


My new car is more automated than I like, but I've made progress in de-automating it.

One thing that happened is that the doors would autolock when the car went more that 5mph. That annoyed me to no end, and it annoyed my daughter as she always had to unlock to get herself out of the car. A few weeks back, I finally located the directions on how to do that. The whole process is something like a console cheat sequence. You press a button three times, change key locations, press three times again, turn the key, and then one here and once there, and now the feature is turned off. Talk about obscure!

In writing, I have settled onto the title for my third Astrea novel. I had thought that Dominia would be its title, but that had the wrong focus. The new title is A Crown of Silver Stars