March 5th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper


Here comes more snow today, and where do I have to be? Work. Yeah, I hate being Tier 1. What do I do on Tier 1 days? I make stuff up and amuse myself. I'm here just in case, not because I'm really needed.

DesignGirl now has her own Minecraft account and her own skin, fulfilling two more of her earnest desires. I left her today playing in Horseland, where she finally accepted that all her lag was being caused by her 2,000 horses on screen. She's actually culling her virtual herd.

I'm fooling around with the covers for the Astrea series. I simply haven't found enough good images to build a cover series based on my cover for All The Saints Are Dead, so I'm experiments with completely different designs, ones not based on illustrations. I'm made some cool progress, but I'm not yet sure that the covers will say what I want.

It should be one more revision on The Wind Before The Storm. I'll tighten where I can and expand where I need, and also make sure that all the sentences read like English.

The third novel in the Astrea series is currently named Dominia, but I think that focuses the novel incorrectly. So now I'm onto either A Crown Of Silver Stars, or maybe just A Crown Of Stars.