February 2nd, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper

On The Weekend

Friday night saw our return to Taipei Tokyo, one of our regular eateries, and their crispy beef, one of our favorites. Crispy beef counts as one of those over-sauced Americanized dishes, in my opinion, but they do it so well that I forgive them.

Saturday saw us out on a double date. Our friend Mardi arranged to have her mom watch the kids while we whisked off to the Air and Space Museum to see Interstellar, followed by getting Chinese delivered. The theatre was pretty full when we arrived, so we didn't get optimum seats, which works against IMAX. I'll jot down my review of Interstellar later. The exciting part of the evening came when my passenger side door refused to latch due to the cold. Damn car.

On Sunday, we played hookey from church. I worked more on the basement, including getting one wall painted. Getting a fresh layer of paint onto a wall is always a little miracle. I'll eventually work my way around. Jenny got a tunnel built over one of the garden beds. We're going to warm that bed up for a while before I turn it.

I buckled down and put in my new dashboard cover on my car. As you may not know, my new to me car has a beige dashboard, and when the light's right, you see the dashboard reflected in the window rather than the street ahead of you. The black cover is meant to minimize that problem. It works, too. The dashboard glare has been reduced to minimal.
Macbeth the Usurper

Fortuna Magus (Review)

Fortuna Magus is a Japanese RPG released by Kemko for Android and Kindle Fire. I presume that Kemko translated an existing game.

The game itself contains all required JRPG elements, such as orphans (three, just to be sure), betrayals, cynicism, and endless dungeon wandering quests. The mechanics included spells, upgrading weapons, boss battles, special attacks, team attacks, and a big bag of one-shot items.

Overall, I found the game occupying, but not engaging. All the characters pretty much said and did what you would expected of them, no more, no less. At time I completely forgot why I was in a dungeon, but that didn't matter at all. I found the game dull enough that I can't even find enough humor to tear into it.

The main twist of Fortuna Magus appears to be its multiple endings. If you get to one ending, the game tells you that there are additional endings. By the time that I reached ending #1, I didn't care that there were more endings. Playing this phoned-in game once was enough for me.

One play through took me 10 hours.

I can't recommend the game, so if you're feeling the JRPG itch, go buy Symphony of the Origin instead.