January 5th, 2015

Macbeth the Usurper

New Year

Happy New Year and all that stuff.

I do believe that I almost stayed awake until 11pm. Go me.

Our newish New Years tradition is to make Chinese dumplings. This is an awesome tradition. The whole family got in on the act of wrapping them up. Even Design Girl cranked away the whole time. This is a tradition that must continue.

With a section of the basement now cleared, I'm back to making my spaces more useful. High on my list is getting rid of all the tile glue that's left on the floor. It's impossible to sweep and keeps adhering to random furniture. I looked into using chemicals, but the chemicals have a big list of drawbacks. So, a with a little physical work every day, I should get through this job in a month, maybe two, depending on how often I actually get to work.

I wrapped up playing "Symphony of Eternity" on my Kindle. I found it a so-so game. It kept me entertained long enough to justify the cost. I've moved onto playing "Final Fantasy III", but I'm not too impressed by that game either. It's quite the tedious RPG. It's feels like having a clutch and four gears on a game that goes 5 mph. No matter what you do, the game feels too slow. Most likely, I'll give this game a while longer, as it is part of RPG history, then I'll move on.

I fell off my reading schedule during Christmas break. I'll be jumping back on that bandwagon as soon as my daughter's homework starts again.