December 29th, 2014

Macbeth the Usurper

Christmas and Then Some

Christmas day went just fine. There were presents all the way around.

The most charming part was the stockings. My 7 year old daughter insisted on shopping for the stockings, so both me and my wife had the experience of having no idea what we would get. My daughter selected for me some candy canes, a few plaster Christmas ornaments for painting, and a salamander shaped tape dispenser.

I bought my wife a pair of fuzzy, booty slippers which she adored, and a beater wedding ring, which she also adored, but it didn't actually fit. I bought a size 7, but really it was a size 7.5 as the ring fit me. So I'm keeping the ring for myself, because it is a nice cheap ring, and we'll find something else for Jenny.

The grandparents bought Design Girl a bike. She still needs training wheels, but the bike is too large for training wheels, so she's going to have to learn the hard way.

Design Girl did have some sad. She didn't get very many toys, but then, she didn't ask for very many toys, so we didn't focus on that. Honestly, I'm not sure where to go with her on toys. In the end, I suppose more dolls of some sort or another. It was certainly nothing like the year before when she got our Equestrian Girl house ensemble.

Our fun food for Christmas was sugar plums. OH MY GOD. Mouth fucking awesome. Next time, we add the brandy. If you make them, be sure to let them sit. The flavors need to mix.

We hauled up to my mother-in-laws on Friday. We took the Ford. I discovered that the car vibrates around 65 mph, but once you hit higher speeds, the vibrations smooth out. The car is very steady at higher speeds. You just don't feel the speed that you are going. That's one of the big advantages of a long car. We took the Pennsylvania route as we anticipated 95 being a cluster-fuck. The ride takes an hour longer, has no tolls, and very few backups. It was a big win all around.

Last spring, my MIL refinished her basement as a guest room. This proved very comfy, and gave us a place to get out of the way. Design Girl and I played far too much Japanese RPGs.

I'm glad to be back home. Those long trips always suck something out of me.